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Transparent, Recyclable Lids in APET

Transparent, Recyclable Lids in APET

The transparent LIDS IN APET are available for Containers in APET, CPET and Smooth Wall Aluminium (ALc/ALbn).

Series P2, G, H, L, M, Z


Technical Properties

The lids in APET can be used in freezer up to – 40° C.

The lids in APET can not be used in traditional and microwaves ovens.

How to Use

The Compac lids allow to close the tray, but unlike what happens with the reclosable trays currently on the market, the lid couples up the tray already hermetically sealed with the heat sealable film (reel or sheet) and, after opening the package removing the film and partially eat food, allows to store the food in the refrigerator.

The advantages for the Customer User


At the advantages of the heat-sealed packaging (tray / film) as follows:

  1. The hermetic closure serves as a seal of guarantee during exposure in the point of sale;
  2. Integrity of the contained food during transport and better preservation of the same at the end consumer;
  3. Possibility of packaging in MAP (modified atmosphere) to keep longer the organoleptic characteristics of the food;
  4. Possibility to reclose the tray after the first partial use.


Transparent lid allows the perfect product visibility, being able to combine with an anti-fog film.


Mono material PET lids make the collection for recycling and disposal easier.


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