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Heat Sealer Machine C50PF for Pizza packaging

Heat Sealer Machine C50PF for Pizza packaging

We  love Pizza and we know that Pizza is culture and pleasure, we asked ourselves:

is it possible to taste the pizza we like, when we feel like it, at home?

Our experiences and skills have led us  to give a convinced affirmative answer. We have thus developed the C50PF System to allow Pizza Professionals Operator to offer their “unique and peerless” pizza to anyone who wants it, outside their Pizzeria.

The C50PF System allows you to enjoy an excellent pizza just like in a Pizzeria through:

  • Heat Sealing Machine;
  • Recyclable CARDBOARD + PET (CA + PET) plate, usable in freezer up to -40 °C, and in microwave oven and traditional oven up to + 200 °C;
  • Transparent Heat-Sealing antifog Film Reels that can be used in a microwave oven and a traditional oven, and also micro-perforated to allow the steam to escape from the packaging and maintain the fragrance of the Pizza for take-away service and home delivery.