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Heat Sealer Machine C2B

Heat Sealer Machine C2B

Table top Heat Sealer Machine C2B in stainless steel to pack any type of food.

Designed with dimensions optimized to save space on the workbench, it simplifies and speeds up the activity of those who must use it.

Equipped with a control panel with digital programming of temperature and sealing time, it allows you to manage all types of packaging materials, containers and film reels, for a completely hermetic seal, and uniform and safe sealing.

Made with several molds already present inside the machine, it allows a quick choice through an adjustable mobile selector. Each mold corresponds to a Format = Series of containers, reproduced in 10 different materials.

Multi-format and flexible, it allows to seal a total of 117 different sizes and depths of containers with one Heat Sealer Machine. 5 different formats of containers without mold change through:

internal rotating drawer with mobile selector – Series P1 / P2 with film reel B2 (width 150 mm)
external drawer with mobile selector – Series G / L / M with film reel B2 (width 210 mm)

The intelligent mold selector system allows optimized film consumption by minimizing waste.

Practice to clean and assist, reachable in all its parts, requires minimal maintenance as indicated in the complete user manual supplied with the Heat Sealer Machine.

It is part of a turnkey System, together with containers and film reels, which thanks to the rapid installation and ease of use, allows the customer to start pack immediately.

A simple solution for fresh, frozen, ready-to-cook, gourmet food, and for take-away service and home delivery.