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Safe Packaging for Take Away & Delivery

Aug 12, 2020 Posted by: admin News

Compac System: safe packaging for take away and delivery

The Compac System for Safe Packaging for Take Away and Home Deliveries

The COMPAC System consisting of a range of Heat Sealer Machines + Containers + Film Reels is the adequate response to provide an efficient take away and home delivery service. Space-saving Heat Sealer Machines, solid and easy to use, which thanks to an adjustable mold change (molds already on the machine) allow to pack different portions (mono / two / three / four / five / six) every 3 seconds for cold and hot food products. The safe hermetic heat sealing is the guarantee seal from the sales shop to the home.

Compac can help you to:

  • Allow to reach many more customers (by increasing the shipping range), keeping intact the hygienic-sanitary, nutritional and sensory characteristics of food;
  • Provide a ready-to-use and practical packaging system (saving time and money), certified in accordance with Italian and EU law, 100% safe for transport, consumption and for the health of customers;
  • Prevent oil and sauce (liquids, etc.) from escaping during transport and storage;
  • Offer packages that can be used in the freezer, refrigerator and to heat and / or cook in a traditional oven and / or microwave, bearing instructions for use and disposal that enhance the food product;
  • Supporting the environment with recyclable and compostable materials that do not harm nature;
  • Differentiate yourself and have satisfied customers who will order more often. The increase in the quality of delivery to customers’ homes (order, cleanliness, safety) represents the IMAGE of your specialties and will increase positive reviews and word of mouth.