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How to save time to pack at the workbench?

Mar 11, 2021 Posted by: admin News

Practical and complete turnkey system: C2H (Heat sealer machine + Containers + film reels), a simple and easy tested Solution.

The COMPAC’s double reel C2H heat sealer machine allows you to be faster and save time to pack up to 135 different containers for hot and cold food.

It is part of a complete turnkey system together with containers and film reels that has been made for food products and for those who produce it, sell it and consume it.

Advantages of double film reel

The C2H model is a stainless steel heat sealer machine with a double reel for the packaging of any food.

This machine allows two main advantages using two thermo-welding film reels:

  • Minimize the waste of heat-welding film;
  • Manage different types of film reels at the same time.


The reduction of waste is possible through an optimized consumption for the sealing of containers, while the simultaneous management of different types of film reels leads to greater benefits in the choice of their features according to different packaging solutions.

Designed with optimized size to save room on the workbench, it speeds up and simplifies the work of those who must use it, thanks to its quick installation and its user-friendliness further.

What are the qualities of C2H machine?

Like our entire range of heat sealer machines, the C2H makes possible to manage temperature and sealing time through a control panel with digital programming.

It works with all types of film reels and containers and allows to make a completely hermetic seal (even for liquids) and a uniform and safe welding.

The presence and management of three fundamental components guarantees the quality of the sealing of packages:

  • Temperature;
  • Time;
  • Pressure.

This model allows its use on several sizes. They are fast to choose thanks to the presence of an adjustable mobile selector. Each position of the selector corresponds to a different format.

You can package the containers up to nine different Compac materials: Cardboard+PET, Cardboard+PLA, CPET, PP, APET, PLA, Aluminum Smooth Wall – ALc, Aluminum Smooth Wall – ALbn and Pulp of Cellulose.

The C2H is multi-format and flexible and it seals 135 different sizes and depths of trays. Six different formats of containers without mold change, thanks to two components:

  • An internal rotating drawer with mobile selector – Series P1 / P2 / G / H with film reel B2 (width 150 mm);
  • An external drawer with mobile selector – Series G / L / M with film reel B2 (width 210 mm).

Sturdy and durable machine highlights the results achieved by Compac in the improvement of its products and of our offer in accordance with our mission of guaranteeing our customers a complete and tested Food Packaging System.

The C2H system represents a simple solution for fresh, frozen, ready-made, gourmet food, and for takeaway and home delivery services!