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8-10 portions in a single compostable container in CARDBOARD + PLA: V45XCD07

Sep 1, 2021 Posted by: greta News

8-10 portions in a single compostable container in CARDBOARD + PLA: V45XCD07

Compac has increased its range of black Cardboard + PLA “Multilingual” Printing Trays with a new product:

V45XCD07 – External dimensions : 322 x 192 x 45 mm

Containers in pure cellulose + PLA (CARDBOARD+PLA – CA+PLA) are heat sealable and can be used to pack all types of food.


Many portions in a single container: another strategy to fight food waste

Reducing food loss (which takes place in the production and processing stages of products) and food waste (the waste of edible products, especially by retailers and consumers) is crucial:

  • to help people’s health (food safety and quality);
  • for the health of the planet, avoiding the loss of resources;
  • to keep the economy healthy (saving and opportunities for producers).

Preventing and optimizing waste by cooking multiple portions as needed at once is cheaper and allows you to keep leftovers for subsequent uses, even freezing them.


White Cardboard + PLA (CA+PLA) “Multilingual” Printing Containers V45XCD07: Characteristics


Equipment for use











How to use









In Traditional oven up to +200°C for 30 minutes or in  Microwave up to 800W for 5 minutes.

Use for cooking only after the sealing of the package with a READY TO COOK food.

In the FRIDGE.



Down to -40°C.





In addition to the benefits of the heat-sealed packaging – guarantee seal / tightness = SAFETY:

Enhancement of food product for a better presentation

The instructions for use and disposal are printed in Italian / English / French / German / Spanish on the sidewalls and on the bottom of the tray;


They withstand down to – 40 ° C without any possibility of breaking;


They can go straight away from freezer to traditional oven (up to + 200 ° C for 30 minutes) and microwaves (up to 800W for 5 minutes), and thus get the outstanding heating of food;


They allow to pack READY TO COOK food for subsequent cooking process by the consumer in a traditional oven up to + 200 ° C for 30 minutes;


Their high elasticity makes them safe from breakage during handling or transport.

They can be considered a natural insulator, as they keep food warm longer out of the oven, from the oven directly on the table. They keep their original shape even after thermal stress;

Compliance with the criteria of the FSC® Certification System

The containers in CA + PLA meet the criteria of the FSC® Certification System that ensures that the product is made of FSC® – certified and other controlled material, confirming the environmental and social Compac respect. Request FSC® certified products.

Fsc certification compac

Request FSC® certified products


Recyclable with paper – ATICELCA® 501 certificates – level A

Aticelca certification recyclable with paper level A Compac


Biodegradable and Compostable

The CARDBOARD + PLA (CA + PLA) containers, BIODEGRADABLE and COMPOSTABLE, comply with the criteria of the TÜV AUSTRIA OK COMPOST certification referring to the European standard UNI EN13432.

Compac S0242 OK COMPOST