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26 May 2022 Posted by: greta News

Solid containers to protect food: Compac’s CPET range


Strong and resistant CPET Containers

Food protection and preservation.

They are suitable to pack all types of food by ensuring a 100% hermetic seal: very fatty and / or very savory, even with lemon and vinegar.

They contain food – protecting it from mechanical or natural damage – and preserve it, making it easy for you to handle and store (even at low temperatures).

Food arrives undamaged to consumers by not becoming an early waste.


Manageability in production and stability during transport/ display

Our CPET containers have a continuous, fast and constant production flow, thanks to their uniformity and compliance characteristic.

Stacking simplifies their separation (even in automatic packing lines) and helps to reduce logistics and management costs during their handling, storage and shipping.

The counter display, even if the container is handled several times, remains unchanged, stable and long-lasting.


Containers in CPET: features and applications

CPET Containers  are heat-sealable and forms the COMPAC’s system, combined with the COMPAC’s heat-sealer machine and film reels.

  • They are available in white and black color.
  • They are suitable for pasteurization.
  • They are safe from breakage during handling and transport thanks to their high elasticity and sturdiness (given by the ribs on the sidewalls).

Equipment for use











How to use









In Traditional oven up to +180°C for 30 minutes and in  Microwave up to 800W for 5 minutes.

Use for cooking only after the sealing of the package with a READY TO COOK food.

In the FRIDGE.

Down to -40°C.
Operating instructions, composition and disposal

The information of composition, disposal and operating instructions are given on the bottom of the container.

Containers in CPET

CPET containers can be used in freezer down to a minimum temperature of -40°C and can go straight away from freezer to oven.


It can be used to heat food in microwave and traditional oven up to a temperature of +180°C for 30 minutes.


It allows to pack READY TO EAT food for the subsequent cooking in traditional oven by the consumer up to +180°C for 30 minutes.

Straight away from the oven to the table

It can be brought straight away to the oven to the table thanks to its instantaneous heat dissipation. It does not burn and does not deform.

Packaging in modified atmosphere (MAP)

It owns a high barrier to food grade gases. It allows packaging in modified atmosphere combined with COMPAC’s C26 heat sealer machine.

Collection and recovery → Recycling

If they are properly collected, they can be recycled.

They are fully aligned to the concept of Circular Economy: the economy line who start with the extraction of resources must not ends with waste, but it has to keep materials and products in the economic circuit for as long as possible.