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Smooth Wall Aluminium Containers: allow cooking before heat sealing

Jan 6, 2021 Posted by: admin News


Compac, always careful to offer sustainable, simple and safe packaging solutions to its customers, has been looking for a material that could guarantee cooking before heat sealing for some time. After various studies and analyzes, it has identified the answer to this need: smooth wall aluminium containers.

Aluminium has been used for more than a century for the transport and consumption of food (mess tin), used in the production of containers and thanks to external and internal lamination it qualifies:

  • heat-sealable (guarantee / hermetic seal) together with the Heat Sealer Machines and the COMPAC Film Reels for the definition of a tested packaging System;
  • suitable for contact with all types of food, even highly acidic and salty ones;
  • optimal as the best possible barrier for the packaging of food in M.A.P. – modified atmosphere packaging.


To the benefits of the heat-sealed packaging – seal of guarantee / hermeticity = SAFETY is added:


Foods can be cooked inside the containers, which, once cooled or chilled, can be heat sealed. This production process brings undeniable benefits such as:

  • reduction of time, and costs of labor and management as the only packaging solution for filling, cooking and packaging;
  • the material distributes heat quickly and evenly, reducing cooking times even for frozen, refrigerated or defrosted foods;
  • as the containers act as “baking tray” there is no need for additional dishes, and the potential bacterial contamination associated with the transfer between the metal baking tray and the container is eliminated;
  • since the food is already portioned inside the container before cooking, the best possible presentation can be obtained while keeping its aesthetics and shapes intact.

They allow READY TO COOK to be packaged for subsequent cooking by the consumer in a traditional oven up to + 200 °C for 60 minutes;

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.)

The smooth wall aluminium containers allow an extended shelf life with maximum food safety thanks to their barrier properties. In fact, being metal, they protect food from light, humidity, oxygen, water vapor and contaminants.


They withstand up to -40 °C without any possibility of breaking;


They can be taken from the freezer, placed directly in a microwave and traditional oven up to + 200 °C for 60 minutes, and thus obtain the optimal heating of the food. Laminated food contact surface ensures easy and clean release of food once heated or cooked;


Aluminium has been used all over the world for well over a century, and it is estimated that 75% of this metal is still used in various sectors including packaging.

The smooth wall aluminium containers are 100% recyclable without any loss of performance and comply with current legislation UNI EN 13430: 2005 “Packaging – Requirements for packaging recoverable by material recycling”. They are completely in line with the sustainability required by the concept of circular economy: the economic line that begins with the extraction of resources must not end in waste, but must keep materials and products in the economic circuit for as long as possible.