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BioCom – Green Line

Full range of containers in PLA and CA+PLA, made from biodegradable raw materials and renewable sources.


Full range of containers in PP, CA+PP, CA+PET, APET, CPET and Aluminium Smooth Wall (ALc and ALbn), following the collection of the material with which they are produced, and that if collected can be recycled.


Against the increasing environmental awareness expressed by the sector of food production and distribution, Compac has developed a complete range of containers and trays in PLA (Polylactic Acid) and CA+PLA (Cardboard pure cellulose + Polylactic Acid), made from biodegradable materials from renewable sources.

These materials after use degrade completely producing carbon dioxide and water. The containers and the trays in PLA and CA+PLA , thanks to the good mechanical resistance of the materials, can be sealed with films in PLA and Cellulose to realize a packaging 100% biodegradable and compostable.

The Green Line is the answer of Compac to the needs of the great distribution to provide its customers products packaged with environmentally friendly packaging. In fact, this type of packaging reduces the considerable impact in terms of volume of waste to dispose of and can be retrieved with the organic fraction of household waste and sent to composting, avoiding the recourse to the disposal or to incineration.

Compac materials in PLA and CA+PLA comply with the criteria for certification “OK compost” referred to the European standard EN 13432 “Packaging – Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation – Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging. “


Compac fully adheres to the principles of the circular economy aimed at promoting the prevention of production and recycling. Refuse is not
more seen as waste, but as a resource. Recyclability is therefore one of the elements to be considered in the packaging design phase if you want to guarantee its correct end-of-life management.

The R-Line Compac is manufactured using mono materials and multilayer compatible with each other in terms of recycling. These guarantee the necessary level of:

  • adequate containment and protection of the food product in all its phases (packaging, distribution, transport);
  • maintenance of the hygienic-sanitary, nutritional and sensorial characteristics of food;
  • use in the freezer, refrigerator and heating and / or cooking in a traditional oven and / or microwave, with clear instructions for use and disposal that enhance the food product.