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What is ATICELCA certification?

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According to an European research commissioned by Two Sides (an international communication project that aims to provide truthful and documented information on the sustainability of paper and printing), packaging made of paper and cardboard ranks at the top of the preferences of European citizens regarding compostability (72%), ease of recycling (57%) and lower environmental impact (62%).

Paper and cardboard are considered as the most sustainable and recyclable materials, a perfect example of CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

But in order to be defined as recyclable it is important to have certain characteristics.


Compac has decided to verify and certify with the Aticelca brand its CARDBOARD + PET, CARDBOARD + PLA and CARDBOARD + PP containers.

Aticelca is an Association formed by technicians and experts operating in the paper industry, which allows manufacturers and users of cellulose-based materials or products to qualify and communicate to their customers the level of recyclability of materials or products , enhancing their eco-friendly features.

The brand RECYCLABLE WITH PAPER – Aticelca® 501 allows to communicate the level of recyclability achieved by a paper-based material or product thanks to:

  • The outcome of a laboratory test conducted according to the UNI 11743: 2019 standard,
  • The identification of the level of recyclability according to the Aticelca 501/2019 evaluation system.

Thanks to these scientific tests, Compac can certify to its customers: