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Compac Products Certifications

Cermet Product Certification
Cermet Certificati Compac
FSC® Certification

The containers in CA + PLA meet the criteria of the FSC® Certification System that ensures that the product is made of FSC® – certified and other controlled material, confirming the environmental and social Compac respect. Request FSC® certified products.

TÜV AUSTRIA OK COMPOST Certification - Complies with European Standard UNI EN13432
Compac S0242 OK COMPOST

The brand “OK compost” ensures compliance with European standards issued in 2002 (directive  EN 13432) for biodegradable packaging.

Compac products with the brand “OK compost” are made of fully biodegradable and compostable materials and are treated with the organic waste to produce compost.

According to the UNI EN 13432, the characteristics that a compostable material must have are the following:

  • Biodegradability
  • Disintegrability
  • No negative effects on the composting process
  • Low levels of heavy metals
  • Other chemical-physical parameters that must not change after degradation of the material in the study: pH, salt content, volatile solids, N, P, Mg, K.
ATICELCA® 501 - Complies with European Standard UNI 11743:2019
Aticelca Livello A Riciclabile con la carta Compac
Aticelca Livello B Riciclabile con la carta Compac

The brand RECYCLABLE WITH PAPER – Aticelca® 501 allows to communicate the level of recyclability achieved by a paper-based material or product thanks to:

  • The outcome of a laboratory test conducted according to the UNI 11743: 2019 standard,
  • The identification of the level of recyclability according to the Aticelca 501/2019 evaluation system.
Organization with CFP SYSTEMATIC APPROACH certified by Bureau Veritas Italia Spa in compliance with ISO 14067:2018

To ensure ever increasing sustainability, COMPAC is the first company in the industry to have obtained the CFP (Carbon Footprint) – Systematic Approach certificate in compliance with ISO 14067:2018 standard relating to the procedure for calculating the quantity of CO₂ emitted in the entire life cycle of their CARDBOARD + PET CONTAINERS.

We carried out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) survey according to the methodology defined by the ISO 14067:2018 standard to pursue the CFP (Carbon Footprint) – Systematic Approach CERTIFICATION.

LCA is the tool that allows you to measure the environmental impact generated by the various processes that affect the life cycle of a product in order to evaluate its ecological footprint and improve its relationship with the environment.

This study requires analyzing each phase of the development of a product (from cradle to gate): from the creation of the raw material → transport to Compac → container production → transport to our retailer customer → transport from the retailer to the user customer (the packager) → disposal of the product after use.